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Monday, March 19, 2012

About Georges Prosper Remi/Hergé

Georges Prosper Remi, also known as Hergé, was born on 22 May 1907 in a suburb of Brussels, called Etterbeek, Belgium. His father, Alexis Remi was an employee in a candy factory and his mother was a housewife.

Since his father was a Wallonian and his mother Flemish, George spoke both French and Flemish and since he saw his life as 'boring' he quickly developed a taste for reading and animated movies and films, but he even more so loved drawing.

He attended the Ixelles Municipal School and during his school years he adopted the hobby to scribble stories and scenes taken from daily life along the edges of his school books.

He also joined the Boy Scout troop of his school when he was 12. He was given the nickname 'curious fox' and did illustrations for the school's Scout paper. He continued his education in 1920 at the Saint-Boniface School.

It was in this period he began to draw a comic strip about an adventurous Boy Scout named Totor, who would become the foundation for Tintin. He also started signing his work as of 1924 with 'Hergé'. The pseudonym is derived from his initials R (Remi) and G (Georges) with a French pronunciation.

He started working at a Belgian newspaper in 1925, where he meets Germaine Kieckens in 1927, who was secretary of the director of the newspaper and the couple marries on 20 July 1932.

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