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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Plastic Bag Art - Materials and Instructions

I don't have to tell you where to get these plastic grocery bags; you probably have enough of them lying around and if not then they are easy to come by, as you well know.

In case you like to try knitting or crocheting with them, you will have to 'spin' yarn out of them first. This is not so difficult to do and only requires a pair of scissors:
Flatten the clean plastic bags at the seams and smooth out any wrinkles. Fold the bag length-wise into a one inch wide strip, keeping handles at one end and bottom at the other.

Cut both top and bottom off and cut the remaining strip up in equally wide parts to the width you prefer. Unfold these strips and knot them together tightly. You will end up with double-stranded yarn which you can wind up into a ball and use.

This wall art is called a mandala and is a bit more intricate to make. You will need several of the same kind of plastic bags and cut out the exact same pieces of each bag.

Glue or tape the similar pieces in the exact same place until they form a circle. For the best results, you might need rotary cutters, shaped cutting templates, circle cutters, and craft knives.

In case you like to have a wide array of colors at your disposal then look online, but ensure to search for 'T-shirt' bags. You will find large quantities in practically any color of them for almost next to nothing.

There you have it and when you like to get busy with this hobby then simply pull a project out of the bag!

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