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Arts and Crafts

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cotton Candy Art

Fluffy, colorful, sweet and sticky cotton candy; who doesn't love it?! That large, sugary cloud on a stick brings back so many childhood memories, but it can also be used for art.

This is one way creating some sort of art with it. Don't expect the project to last long though, unless there is some way to treat it when done. I haven't come across the latter yet, but when I do, I will let you know.

I always love to pluck a handful of cotton candy out of the sweet treat, smush it together a little and then eat it. Yeah, it is like consuming a spoonful of sugar; not really good for our health, huh?

I sure would love to take a bite out of this artistically crafted cotton candy cake. I am not sure how they did it, but they sure gave a nice spin to it!

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