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Friday, December 31, 2010

Taking My Family to See a Special Christmas Display

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

Though I never cared much about Christmas lights and decorations when I was a kid, my opinion has completely changed now that I have my own kids. With three little girls, going to see Christmas lights is obviously a pretty big deal every year. This year, my wife and I decided to take the girls to see a special display that is put on about twenty miles outside of our city.

We told the girls we were just going to dinner, set our home security alarm from www.InHomeSecurity.com, and left the house. On the drive there, they wondered why we were going so far away, but we managed to keep the surprise until we got a bit closer. As soon as they saw the first gleam of lights, they were all screaming excitedly and jumping around in the backseat. From the front seat, my wife and I just smiled at how happy they all were.

The display was well worth the drive -- this community had all worked together to create special displays that moved and were customized with messages. It was obvious that they had been hand-made, because they all shared the same personalized look. Each house had a different theme, with some houses featuring the North Pole, while others showcased the Nativity scene. It was a wonderful display and will become part of our tradition.

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