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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday pecan tarts

Guest post written by Cathy Dower

I always like to have a few recipes on hand that I can fix right away if I need to just in case people stop by. That goes double for during the holidays because people are always dropping by to visit and give us gifts. I love to cook too and see other people enjoy my food, so I always offer them refreshments when they come and visit.

This year I've gotten a little tired of all my old standby recipes though, so I did a little research online to find some new recipes. While I was doing that one night, I came across some information about GEO CLEAR WIRELESS INTERNET deals and after I read through it, I decided to sign up for one of them.

One recipe that I found and really fell in love with though is for these holiday pecan tarts that I've already fixed once for the holidays. I fixed them last weekend when my cousin and her husband came by to visit and they were really great and pretty easy to fix.

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