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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cooking With The State Of The Art

I always struggle to serve a good meal which appeals to everyone's taste buds, especially during the Holidays. I never seem to be able to get everything ready and cooked at the same time though, no matter how hard I try. Therefore, I am usually preparing the dishes which take the longest a day earlier.

It would be a lot easier having one of those innovated induction cooktops. I would love to replace our old electric stove with an induction cook top, because there are so many benefits to it; the cooking time is reduced substantially, they are easy to clean, and cool to the touch, even right after cooking.

It is amazing seeing how with induction cooking a pot of water boils in only a few minutes, as opposed to at least twice the time it takes our current cook top doing the same. On a yearly basis, that will save us quite an amount of money on utilities, but it is also saves energy which will benefit the environment as well.

What I like most however is that it is a piece of cake to clean and that it is cool to the touch. Especially with children around, the latter is a comforting thought; they can't burn themselves when your back is turned.

Yeah, I like the idea of an induction cooktop; we would have the state of the art in our kitchen!

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