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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bowling Ball Art - Materials and Equipment

Bowling balls can be purchased either on the Internet, or in sport stores and the price ranges from less then $40 to several hundred dollars.

The colors vary and can be one uniform color or a mix of two or several more as well. If neither one suits the purpose, you can always paint it yourself.

If you like to use the bowling ball as a canvas, you will need paint. I suspect spray paint is probably the best route to go, but you can make inquiries and see what you come up with.

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything on the subject; no instructions, no materials used, nothing. I can imagine though you would need a drill if you want to hang, or stack them and rope, steel rods, or bowling ball cups for displaying your artwork if it concerns a single piece.

Should you be better at the art of bowling, but not at the art of creating, no problem; you can buy ready made works of art made from, or created on bowling balls. It is still not too late to purchase one as a Christmas gift.

You sure would bowl a strike!

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