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Monday, December 13, 2010

A gift to make my work easier

Guest post written by Claire Walker

Working as a freelance writer sounds like it would be really glamorous. But it's quite the opposite. Sure, I go out and experience these things and interview these really interesting people. But that takes up only about 20% of my time. That other 80% of my time I sit around in my pajamas looking like a slob, typing on my laptop like my life depends on it.

My boyfriend keeps badgering me about what I want him to get me for Christmas, so I thought that I'd finally look up what I want with my Clearwire internet. He's kind of on a small budget, so I didn't want him to go crazy and buy something that I know he can't really afford.

Then I decided that I could get something that would help me in my everyday life while I'm sitting around and doing my work. Lord knows that the last thing I need is another pair of sweatpants, so I told him that he could get me a lap desk because that would really come in handy for me. That also won't break his bank.

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