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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wreath Art

Wreaths was something I had to get used to. The only time you may see them on the front doors in the Netherlands is around Christmas time and even then it is sporadic.

Once I got used to them and even learned there was a wreath for every season and every occasion, I saw so many possibilities and I have made many ever since.

There is hardly anything you can not use creating a wreath. I loved this Turkey wreath I found on the Internet and of course that sparked even more ideas. How creative! It shows that you are not restricted to the circle of twigs, moss, etc.

I already had kind of stepped away from that; this small wreath is actually a round metal circle around which I wrapped a 'boa' string one of our daughters had left over and gave me. Attach a string to it, glue on a few flowers and done.

I made a wreath using the same materials, but instead of flowers, I sewed a small, stuffed doll on it as if it were sitting inside the circle. It is a cute idea when looking for making a gift for children.

Once you start creating a wreath, you know you will come full circle!

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