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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bowling Pin Art II

Bowling pins are made entirely out of wood, topped off with plastic and finished with a glossy coating. Their size can vary, depending on the type of bowling, but that can only work to your advantage in case you like to make several different projects.

Since the pins are made out of wood, they are excellent for carving. Sure, you would first have to peel away the layer of plastic which covers them, but that shouldn't be too difficult; underneath, you will always find a smooth, consistent shape.

If you would rather not go through all that trouble, you can take the pin as it comes. With the help of some craft glue or a hot glue gun, it can be decorated any way you see fit, with anything you happen to have lying around.

This picture gives a good example of items you can use, but marbles, buttons, small figurines, or even nails and screws, would lend themselves very well for decorating.

Your project would definitely result in a one of a kind piece of work!

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