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Monday, December 27, 2010

Bowling Pin Art - Materials and Equipment

Bowling pins can be purchased either on the Internet or at sporting goods stores. A set can already be bought for a little over $60, which will give you ten pins to work with. That should hold you over for a while.

I say that, but I suppose it totally depends on what you intend to do with, or make of them. It will if you use them for carving, in which case you will need carving tools.

For painting; brushes, paint and probably a clear finish is needed and if you rather like to cover the surface of the pin, then have at it with anything you find which suits the bill.

Keep craft glue or a hot glue gun handy and ensure, when using the latter, you have enough glue sticks. Should your project not work out the way you had hoped, then I guess the pin would still have a purpose; it makes good firewood!

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