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Thursday, March 22, 2012

About Georges Prosper Remi/Hergé Part 2

After having been mobilized as a reserve lieutenant during WW II, the demands of Tintin magazine became too much and Hergé had to stop his cartoons for a while, due to exhaustion. He plans on moving to Argentina, but gives that up and when he starts an affair in 1949.

Hergé has to take an even longer break from work after suffering another nervous breakdown in 1949 and to ease the workload several assistants were hired to help him with his cartoons. This was the beginning of the Hergé Studios on 6 April 1950.

During his nervous breakdowns, he was constantly being plagued by nightmares and saw a Swiss psychoanalyst. Instead of following his advice to stop working on Tintin, Hergé confronted his nightmares by illustrating the book he was working on with sober, wintry landscapes.

Finishing the book seemed to have overcome both his problems and nightmares. Hergé had fallen in love with one of the new assistants, Fanny Vlamynck and he and Germaine separated in 1960 and divorced in 1977, after which he married Fanny on 20 May, 1977.

Beside a comic book writer, he was also a collector of art. Most of his art was collected during the 1950s. He wanted to try his hand at painting and takes lessons in 1962. After a year and 37 paintings later however, he feels like he can not fully express himself through painting and gives it up.

Illness strikes and after several years of suffering (the disease remains unclear) Hergé dies on 3 March 1983 at the age of 75 in Brussels, Belgium.

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