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Friday, March 30, 2012

Georges Prosper Remi/Hergé's Work Part 2

Georges Prosper Remi created Tintin, with Totor as example, at first without the famous quiff. This appeared in the second album, after his hair flew back during a car chase in the first album and became his trademark ever since.

When Belgium was occupied on May 10, 1940, the newspaper he worked for was shut down, but Hergé was offered to produce a new Tintin strip in Le Soir, Brussels, which imposed a lot of tension and stress having to create many daily strips.

By the end of the war, Le Soir was shut down as well and Hergé was hindered from working at a newspaper and adjusted his earlier works, with the help of assistants, by giving them a colorful appearance.

On 26 September 1946, Hergé finally can resume his work and launches a comic magazine called Tintin with Hergé. It was a smashing success and in 1950 Hergé had to hire assistants to help him out and the Studios Hergé came in existence.

In 1961 the first Tintin movie was released, followed by an animated cartoon in 1969. Hergé never got to finish his 24th Tintin adventure due to his passing away and his wish not to have others take over his work. Notes and sketches of it were published in 1986, three years after his departure.

The magazine was eventually discontinued in 1988.

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