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Monday, May 28, 2012

Artistic Safety And Security Solutions

This post brought to you by CDW. All opinions are 100% mine.

By using all this creative, modern technology and consistently evolving communication devices, we are also constantly exposing ourselves to loosing all our personal, customer and employee information, data, files, and much more.

That can be devastating, especially when you are running a business. For all that data to not get lost or fall into the wrong hands data loss prevention, also known as data leakage protection, is a must. It is state of the art helping to ensuring the safety and security of all our data.

There are 7 Identified Threats to watch out for:
- Malware menace caused by hackers, viruses, worms, adware, etc. which don't need any explanation. We all know too well what those are and can do.
- Attacks on web browsers by hostile e-mail attachments, spam, or pop-up ads prodding you to download a program to fix certain problems on your device.
- SQL injection attack: a string of script corrupting the application layer of a website and allows hackers and thieves to vandalize and replace web pages, steal credit card and other private data, and manipulate databases.
- Configuration management and lockdown: software and data on notebook PCs and other portable storage devices which can easily be accessed, viewed and shared by employees, even after they have moved on to another company.
- Password issues such as weak, easy to remember, written down, or shared and spoken out loud passwords.
- Wireless security which is weak due to the increasing use of wireless devices and mobile technology making it easier for thieves to capture data over the air. This also concerns cash registers and bar code scanners.
- Loss of mobile devices: around 10% of notebooks and other mobile devices get lost or stolen and over 95% are never recovered. Insufficient protection, measurements and actions, play right into the hands of those with bad intentions.

I was most surprised by the attacks on web browsers when I read how social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have become the field of operations for these malicious actions.

Click on the link in this post to sign up for free and download the entire free exclusive resource for the 7 Identified Threats. It provides much more information, advice, experience, solutions and services which will benefit your company.

Don't forget to watch this video; it is a stark reminder of why safety and security are so important.

You need to check out CDW.com; I found they have creative solutions for all of their clients!

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