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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hair Art Materials and Equipment

We may not all have a lush, full head of thick, wavy locks and even when we do, it may be not of such length that it is easy to craft with.

It may be adequate to weave with, since that allows for intertwining strands of hair, but there is always the option to use long strands of hair which you quickly come across on the Internet.

There is just as wide an array of shades available as there are different, personal shades of hair colors and if that is not enough to suit you, the dyed versions broaden the choice substantial.

You will find all kinds of techniques and instruction too on the World Wide Web pertaining to pretty much all the projects which are handcrafted from human hair. It surprised me though that there were no instruction and craft books available on the subject, at least none turned up on any of my searches.

What I did come across were braiding tables and those can be bought online or it may be a good DIY project to make one that suits you to a tee.

Your project pretty much determines what other equipment you may need; crochet, knitting or needle point needles, fabric, clasps, etc. which all can be found in craft and hobby stores or online. Hair extension glue or sticky paper might be in order and those are not hard to come by either.

There is lots of help and information around and you most certainly don't have to tear your hair out trying to get your project done!

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