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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Paracord Art Materials and Equipment

Paracord is rather cheap and comes in a wide variety of colors, but can also be bought according to strength, width, and the amount of threads which make up the core.

There are 6 types of cord and the most commonly used type is the 550 cord. This holds up to 550 lbs and is usually made out of 7 to 9 threads. Besides this type of paracord, you also have the option to purchase cord which differs in strength and has more, fewer, or no threads at its core. The strongest paracord holds up to 750 lbs.

Be aware though; the cord's qualities are not uniform and it hinges upon what manufacturer you buy it from. To ensure you got good cord, examine the way it is made, its quality, strength, how many strands make up the core and if those strands are individual, nylon threads. You don't want to find out you got the lesser quality when you have to use it.

As far as crafts go, there are lots of projects which can be made with paracord and you are not restricted to just one 'knotting' technique.

I didn't find any books concerning projects, but you will have no problems finding those online, including instructions on how to create them. There are several instruction books about all types of knots though, which might come in handy.

You may need a pair of scissors, a clasp, a lighter to sear the ends, your hands and maybe a little practice. This is not really a difficult craft and I sincerely doubt you will end up with a Gordian knot. Then again...., you never know! Grin.

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