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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paracord Art History

The official name of the lightweight, nylon rope is actually parachute cord, but it is commonly referred to as paracord or 550 cord.

Originally it was used for parachutes, as you already may have guessed, during World War II. Paratroopers however, having to rely on what they had, found several other ingenious uses for the cord and slowly, but surely paracord became part of their survival kit.

The entire cord, the 7 braided inner strands (commonly called 'the guts') and even the empty outer shaft were used for all kinds of purposes and after the war paracord was also made available to the public. In the beginning as military surplus, but later on as a retail product which nowadays can be found in many stores.

At present, it is used as an all-purpose utility cord and has even been used for making whips since the 1970s. It is still growing in popularity among hikers and those who practice outdoor sports, but crafters all over the world have also found ways to turn this cord into true works of art.

Due to its strength, elasticity, flexibility and versatile usage, almost anything is possible. In other words: the sky is the limit!

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