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Arts and Crafts

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sound Advice

Some of our arts and crafts require the use of chemicals. It is our responsibility to ensure we use them carefully and wisely and dispose of them properly in order to spare our environment. In other words; the environmental liability is on us.

We may not give it a second thought, but we are using chemicals on a daily basis. If it is not for our hobby, then it may be at work, or for cleaning our home. Those chemicals are readily available in all kinds of shapes and forms and easy to come by.

It is not so easy to use and get rid of them, since you have to adhere to certain rules. Can you imagine what it must be like for a company that utilizes chemicals for production? It is no wonder those companies often need sound chemical advisory.

It gets even worse when a company likes or needs to expand and decides on a location in another country. Those chemical mergers and acquisitions occur often and knowing all the regulations, patents, and required technology licenses of the area in question demand expertise.

I am not in the least surprised those companies heavily rely and depend on a chemical investment bank to handle all these regulations, supply, off-take and site operating agreements, as well as the financial aspect of the matter.

It is better to be safe then sorry and it doesn't take much green to safely keep it green!

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