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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Key Art: Security And Fun Facts

Did you know that the King of France, Louis XVI, was also a locksmith? He didn't really like being a king, but had a great interest in forging metal and making locks in particular. He had a workshop at his home and the skill of being a locksmith was taught to him by Gamin.

Louis XVI made his own iron security cabinet which held his important and private papers. It was concealed in the wall and Louis' pride and joy. When the French Revolution broke out, Gamin spilled the beans to the Revolutionists. The papers were found and incriminating to Louis XVI.

During the 1600s, many new concepts for locks were launched in Europe such as the Bramah lock which consisted of a circular pattern with a series of sliders. This greatly enhanced the safety and security, but also challenged the burglars. Lock-picking became an art in the 18th century and constantly called for improved, new mechanisms.

Combination locks, keys with changeable bits, ring or puzzle padlocks, and alarm bells coupled to the action of the bolts, were some of the new inventions. Creations like these became in great demand in the U.S. after the Republic was founded and the American lock industry was born.

One of those new, innovated locks came from Linus Yale Sr. He was born in Connecticut and opened his first, small lock shop in New York. I don't think Linus had a clue at that time that his security devices would soon rank as one of the nation's most popular locks.

They sure locked in their place on top of the safety and security list!

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