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Arts and Crafts

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ICF Construction Art

When we think of art, crafts and hobbies, we have the tendency to think small and we usually visualize something that can be practiced at a table, in a small room, or in the garage. However, creativity has no limits and can be found on a much larger scale then you would expect.

Some good, concrete examples are noise barriers, retaining walls, and all kinds of other ICF construction for which Insulated Concrete Forms are being used and those constructions even include private homes and business buildings.

It is rather easy to give an architectural flair to these creations by using your imagination. Due to the form and size of the material, the ICF construction can turn into a true work of art which will not only last for decades, but is also environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective when it comes to energy usage.

The insulating qualities of the used, clean, soft woods, which are left over from other industrial fabrications and normally would end up on the dump, in combination with the durability and strength of cement, result in the material for an ICF construction that is safe, sound and secure in every way.

I can imagine a lot more art will be created with these building blocks of the future, in the near future!

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