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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Materials Needed For Bone Carving Art

No, I am not going to put up a picture of a pile of animal bones which you need for this art, because that is a little too macabre for me.

Instead, I present you with the tools needed for bone carving by hand, which include small knives, different sized gravers, files, and sandpaper.

You may also consider using a vise; this holds the bone steady and leaves you with both hands free, so you can fully concentrate on your creation.

Doing it all by hand is not only very admirable, but also extremely time consuming. Small power tools such as hand held carving and engraving instruments, sanders and buffers, make short notice of creating a project.

Most of those tools were initially designed for other crafts and hobbies, but do a great job at bone carving as well and they are easily found and offered galore on the Internet.

As far as the needed material goes, almost any animal bone is suitable for this craft. Deer antlers may be found online, but laying your hands on other animal bones may be a bit of a chore, but you can try a butcher shop, a slaughter house, a pet food processing plant or local farmers.

Depending on the desired color, the cleaned bones can be bleached, naturally cured, or soaked in natural dyes for which you can use bark, plants and/or flowers.

There are several hobby books available pertaining to this craft and you will also have no problems finding all kinds of designs, patterns, supplies, and information on different techniques.

This hobby may not appeal to everyone, which is understandable, but if you are not weak at heart, this material can be turned into beautiful art!

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