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Arts and Crafts

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Scientific Art

Practically ever since human kind came into existence nature has not only presented them with a smorgasbord of food, but also with a wide array of natural ingredients and means for healing many conditions and diseases which would ail them.

It was common practice to chew on the leaf of a specific plant or brew a tea from a particular root as a means to cure an illness or alleviate pain. It took some knowledge and expertise though as to which plant would cure what.

That is still the case at present, although experience has taught that applying a combination of food, exercise, heat, and other natural therapies, all work together to promote an even faster healing. It is called naturopathy and for an excellent naturopath Toronto is the route to go.

Nature is still providing, but many have put their trust into the chemically fabricated cures and methods trying to get rid of their ailments. The perfect, much safer balance between and in natural medication, hydrotherapy, nutritional supplement, and changes in consumption of food and daily life, is still available to anyone.

It takes a lot of education, insight, wisdom, and experience being able to practice naturopathy. That is why I consider it to be more then just a science; it is an art!

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