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Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Think Outside The Box

One of the best opportunities for coming up with a flow of artistic ideas and applying your creativity presents itself when planning on remodeling, renovating, or updating your home's interior. You often yield the most gorgeous results when you think outside the box.

Most of the projects we undertake concerning improvement of our abodes are rather substantial, such as a renovation of kitchen and/or bathroom. After thorough consideration has been given to the color scheme, it comes down to picking those tiles which fit the plans.

That is not such an easy task, as you can see at www.glasstilediscounters.com. The selection in glass tiles is enormous and besides a wide array of colors, there are also many different sizes, shapes, forms, and color combinations available.

Once the main work is done, you are probably left with extra, unused tiles and that is where your ingenuity comes in handy. There are many smaller projects for which these beautiful tiles can be used.

You can make a mosaic frame for mirrors out of them, create your own countertops, accentuate a couple of kitchen cabinet doors, or glue them on terracotta flowerpots for instance. The options are endless and will draw a room together.

So, the next time you open a box of tiles; think outside of it!

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