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Friday, May 04, 2012

Packaging Tape Art Part 2

The invention of tape dates back to the 1920s when 'cellophane' tape was invented by Richard Drew. At first, it was sold to and used by grocers and bakers for sealing packages, but it wasn't shortly after when people discovered all kinds of other practical, daily uses for it.

All kinds of different types of tape for sealing, packaging, protecting, insulating, and more, were manufactured during World War II and many new and innovating tapes have been added to that already extensive list ever since; there are currently over 400 varieties available.

I came across a very interesting fact which clearly shows how much tape is used on a yearly basis by both businesses and households; the length of the tape sold could be wrapped around our planet a whopping 165 times.

I am glad it isn't, otherwise we would be stuck on this material for the rest of our days and variety is the spice of life. Although, with over 400 different (packaging) tapes to choose from, the likelihood of getting bored with this particular craft is far from happening!

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