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Arts and Crafts

Friday, September 02, 2011

Mask Art II

Masks have probably been used ever since the existence of mankind. The earliest reference to a mask has been found in a cave in the south of France, has been dated to be from as far back as 20,000 BC and is a painting portraying a person wearing a mask of deer skin and antlers.

Throughout the ages, they have been and still are being used in many cultures for all kinds of social gatherings, parties, in theatres and mainly for ceremonial and ritual events.

The importance of masks can be derived from literature and all kinds of artifacts which have been found all over the world and there is no distinction, as far as use goes, between primitive or sophisticated cultures and/or societies.

The only difference can be found in the materials which are being used; those are often taken from the immediate, natural environment and associated with specific spiritual powers when it pertains to rituals and ceremonies.

Nowadays, we have a much broader choice of items and materials at our disposal to create either a simple, or a very delicate and intricate mask.

In case making a mask presents a challenge then let's face it head on!

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