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Friday, September 02, 2011

Prepping for my college exams this semester

Guest post written by Lisa Henderson

One of the things that I'm super worried about when it comes to college is getting to the end of the semester and then realizing that I should have been studying. It happened to my older sister her first semester at college and she reminded me that I don't need to put myself in that position. I'm working really hard to balance fun and studying and I think that so far I'm doing a pretty good job at it.

I've been using my ClearWire Wimax to confirm all of my notes from classes on my class websites. I'm really thankful that I have that tool, but I'm also afraid that my teacher is going to make the exams harder because she's giving us that advantage.

I have my very first college exam coming up next week and am really working hard to prepare myself for it. I think that studying, it's never going to hurt to study too much because that way you at least get a really great grade to start off with and know that your studying skills paid off.

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