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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Creative Changes

I suspect the old masters would have a very difficult time painting all those vibrant and colorful outfits our children are wearing these days and it would have taken them a long time mixing and matching in order to come up with the right shades.

In the past, painters had only a limited choice concerning available colors and it was a huge ordeal blending them together and took quite some creativity to achieve the desired and most realistic effect. They would probably throw their hands in the air if they had to paint some of the dazzling, but cheap outfits our kids can choose from at the clothing stores online, these days.

We may not always be aware of how much easier life has become, compared to a few centuries ago. It often took months before the seamstress had finished sewing new apparel by hand, while all our children have to do nowadays is clicking on their preference at one of the clothing stores and it will arrive in no time.

Taking in account that children usually don't like to go shopping for new clothes with their parents and the parents like to avoid unpleasant surprises, these online clothing stores are a great and creative solution; they save everyone time, money and a lot of aggravation.

Yes, times sure have changed for the better!

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