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Monday, September 05, 2011

A Great Way Of Seeing Art

I am not really a huge fan of big cities, due to all the hectic traffic and hustle and bustle which tend to drive me nuts. However, when I would want to see art, those are the places to go; museums and art galleries are usually present in abundance.

Locating all those works of art and finding the best and/or quickest way of getting there are often a huge ordeal and when someone would mention Chicago Bus Tours would certainly not be the first means of transportation for admiring artwork which would pop up in my mind.

It is an excellent option though, seeing all a city has got to offer and being assured of the fact that it includes art as well. There are specific Chicago Bus Tours that will take you from one great masterpiece of a famous painter to another, while all you got to do is sit back and enjoy.

Even though that piques my interest, it would be the stained glass art which would be high on my agenda. I wasn't aware of it, but these pieces of beauty can be found all over the city and with Chicago Bus Tours I would see all of these gorgeous works of art.

I think I would take several tours, just to ensure I didn't overlook any!

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