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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ice Sculpting - Tools And Equipment

Many tools and other equipment are and can be used to fabricate these gorgeous ice sculptures. Tools which are mainly used and should not be missing from your toolkit are: chisels, chisel sets, a garde manager, hand saws, ice tongs & chippers and sharpening stones. Many artists, who apply themselves to sculpting large statues, even use chain saws.

I found several sites on the Internet, where every kind of tool and equipment which one can possibly need for ice sculpting can be purchased. Even protective apparel is available. That makes good sense, since you will be out in the cold.

You need to have ice to work with of course. Large blocks of ice are being made by several manufacturers. The blocks are fused together if need be, to create a large figure. This has to be done well, or the statue can fall apart.

If you are or rather prefer working on a smaller scale, special molds for in the freezer are available as well. That is quick and easy and you don't need all the artistic abilities to come up with a creation of your own.

There are lots of useful tips and tricks which can contribute to creating your masterpiece. You can gather all the know-how by taking ice sculpting classes. Locations and dates of those classes can be found on the Internet as well.

I have great admiration for this form of art, but I don't think I would want to practice is. It is a bit too cold for me. I think I will put this art on ice for now. :-)

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