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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I had finally gotten around to doing, what I had intended for so long now: printing out all the posts on our grandsons and putting them in a memory book. I have a book for each one of the boys.

What I had not realized was, that I had already so many posts. I ended up with a huge stack of paper. I sorted, ordered, cut and pasted, until I got all the posts laid out. Once that was done, I had the rough draft ready. Then the real fun began.

I spruced up and embellished the pages. You could probably call it 'Scrap booking'. Our youngest grandson's book is ready, but I am still in the process of doing his brother's. Since he has a year on his sibling, he has lots more posts.

It will take a while though, before I am finally done. By the time I am through, I can start all over again with the next round of their little escapades and actions. That's okay.

It is a labor of love. :-)

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