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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wood Art - Chain Saw Equipment And Safety

You have the choice between an electric or a gas chain saw. I suppose that it depends on the site, where you work. A gas chain saw might come in more handy when there is no electricity around. Grin.

I learned there are three sizes of chain saws:

A light weight saw, which has an 8 to 12 inch guide bar and is best for cutting small branches and very small trees.

The mid weight saw is more suitable for for frequent log cutting and felling of small trees and has a 14 to 20 inch guide bar.

The guide bar of a heavy weight chain saw is over 20 inches long and are normally only used in the profession of logging.

Essential when choosing and using a chain saw is to be extremely careful. Make sure that the saw of your choice has the following safety features:
- Front and rear hand guards
- Chain brake (gas models)
- Stop switch
- Throttle trigger lockout
- Rear hand guard
- Chain catcher
- Spark arrester

I also found some good tips on how to enhance your safety, while handling a chain saw:
- Always avoid making cuts with the saw between your legs, always cut with the saw to the outside of your legs.
- Don't stand on a log and saw between your feet.
- Always stand to one side of the limb you are to cut, never straddle it.
- Always keep in mind where the chain will go if it breaks, never position yourself or other people in line with the chain.
- Keep the chain out of the dirt, debris will fly, the teeth will be dulled and the chain life shortened considerably.

It may also be wise, to wear protective clothing. Special chainsaw gear is available and can be purchased. The gear consists of protective chaps, steel toe boots, eye protection, ear protection, and head protection.

Don't ever get careless and avoid working with a chain saw when you are tired. Both those circumstances call for accidents to happen and we definitely do not want your career as a chain saw artist to be cut short!

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