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Friday, November 18, 2011

Cornucopia Art II

In case you ever wondered where the name for this basket came from then here is the answer; it comes from the Latin words 'cornu copiae', which means horn of plenty.

Throughout the ages, the cornucopia has been the symbol of abundance, nourishment, fertility and fortune and that is also the reason why it is usually shown overflowing with food, flowers or other items of riches.

The cornucopia finds its origin in classical mythology, but it is not certain which myth; one mentions that baby Zeus broke off a horn of the goat Amalthea ("Nourishing Goddess") who fed him with her milk, after which the horn provided a never ending supply of nourishment.

The other myth claims that it came into existence after Heracles, also known as Hercules, broke off a horn of the river god Achelous during a wrestle.

Either way, from then on many Greek and Roman gods were associated with a cornucopia, especially those who represented harvest, prosperity, spiritual abundance, and peace.

This explains the shape of the basket and its abundant and overflowing contents. The reason why we see the cornucopia more around Thanksgiving is due to the fact that, especially in the States, it is tied to and associated with harvest.

I am quite sure the cornucopia can be used all throughout the year, because there is always something to be thankful for; we just need to see it! :-)

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