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Friday, November 04, 2011

Eye Glass Art

There are moments when I run out of ideas concerning which craft or hobby I will be writing about next and that is why I always keep my eyes peeled for new, different and unusual art. This time, I didn't have to look any further then the extensive selection of eyeglasses at the site of Zenni Optical in order to find my next subject; eye glass art.

It is incredible how many high quality, fashionable and unique prescription eyeglasses you can purchase for a very low price and each one of the frames is a piece of art all by itself. I can only imagine the amount of creativity which must have gone in coming up with those stylish designs and selling them so cheap.

The reason why Zenni Optical is able to offer prescription eyeglasses for such a low price is due to the fact that they manufacture their own brand at their own factories and don't waste much money on expensive advertisement. A good product doesn't need the last either, since it advertises itself by word of mouth.

You literally don't need to look any further then the end of your nose to find art; just open your eyes and it is both in and on view!

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