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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dog Tag Art - Materials and Equipment

Dog tags can be bought online or in pet stores and come in all kinds of colors and shapes. You can also cut out your own tags from a sheet of aluminum or steel which will require a good saw of course and a drill for making the hole to attach it to a string, shoe lace, or chain.

Enamel can be applied to the blank tag for creating all kinds of images, but you will need an oven to bake it in.

It is even possible to have a photo transferred onto the tag, but I think that would require a lot of know-how and so much professional equipment that it is probably easier and cheaper having it done by experts.

There is the option of using gemstones, crystals, beads or glass, to embed in or adhere to the tag, but match sticks, yarn, small shells and any other small items can be applied as well. If nothing else, you can always resort to a thin brush and some paint.

There are some workshops and instructions online for dog tag art, but it is mostly up to your own imagination and creativity to come up with a cute and unique project. I don't think you will have any problems with that.

You will find examples galore!

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