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Monday, October 17, 2011

Bread Art - Materials and Equipment

Bread can be bought in all kinds of different forms and sizes, but it can also be home-made in any shape, fashion, or form you desire and recipes for making bread are quickly found online.

If you like to embellish a slice of bread as was shown in my previous posts, then you may need a knife in case the bread isn't sliced yet and different shades of food coloring, small containers for the colors, some milk and brushes.

Yarn, a needle and scissors are recommendable for needle point and a craft knife comes in handy for creating figurines out of bread.

Images can be toasted onto a slice of bread as well and to achieve the image you want, you may want to cut it out of baking paper first, lay it on top of the slice and then put it in the toaster oven until the desired golden brown.

If that is too labor intensive, then buying a so called bread stamper is a good solution; you have the choice between several different images and all you need to do is stamp it on the bread.

I think those bread stampers are ingenious; they are the greatest thing since sliced bread!

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