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Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Costumes On A Budget

Halloween is not that far away and there is still plenty of time to make the children some cute Halloween costumes which don't cost much and are quickly fabricated.

With a simple, large brown paper bag, you can turn your child into an explorer by cutting a circle in the bottom of the bag. Once that is done, cut the bag open at the front, glue some pockets on it and you have the vest.

Make some binoculars out of empty toilet paper rolls and attach a string to them, so they can hang around the neck. Top it off with a hat and kaki pants and your kid is ready to explore the neighborhood for treats.

There is an easy way to give your little angel some wings by gluing coffee filters together in a wing shape made out of sturdy wire.

Leave about an inch or two exposed of the rim of each filter and work your way down. Once you are done, you can sew them on the back of a dress, made out of an old white sheet.

Even simpler and quicker is the ghost; all you need for that is a white sheet in which you cut out some openings for the child being able to see through and some larger ones for the arms.

The last may not even be necessary, when you cut the sheet to a length where the hands are free to hold the bag for goodies.

These are cheap, easy and a lot of fun to create and if you know some more, please share? Thanks. :-)

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