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Friday, October 07, 2011

Not Everything Is A White Canvas

I like to encourage our grandchildren when it comes to being creative and I enjoy it when they express the want to do some drawing. I would love for them to try their hand at painting, because I suspect they may have inherited their great-grandma's artistic abilities, but I am a little apprehensive to give it a go.

Our youngest grandson has the habit of seeing everything as a white canvas and that includes his own self, the walls, and even the floor. He already decorated his mom's living room wall with black permanent marker, colored the tiles in the hall green and stained the carpet.

She might benefit by going to http://www.thesteamteam.com/ in order to have it removed professionally. I don't think there is anything else she could do which would get it clean; any attempt on her part might just make it worse.

The wall wouldn't be so much of a problem, because that can easily be fixed with a can of paint, a brush and some elbow grease. The tile and carpet are another story though and are best removed by using the carpet cleaning methods austin experts have available.

I feel much more comfortable having our grandchildren express their creativity, with the knowledge that any artwork outside the designated canvas can easily and permanently be removed!

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