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Monday, October 10, 2011

A Word Of Advice

When you start a hobby, or even when you practice one, you will need craft materials. There is often no telling how much the grand total will be once you get through gathering up the things you need; you find that out at the register.

Since you have no clue, you probably are intend on paying with your credit card and it might come as a shock when that particular store is one of the few which still do not have POS Credit Card Processing enabled.

This may not occur very often anymore, because most businesses know that by offering this option they are bound to keep and/or even gather up some more customers. Most people don't walk around with much or any cash anymore and count on POS Credit Card Processing being available.

I am not sure why there are still stores and services around which are so adamant against offering this option to their clients. There is nothing to enabling POS Credit Card Processing and they are certainly not on their own; help is more then readily at their disposal.

It may not be a bad idea when going to a store or other business you have never been to before, to check beforehand whether you can pay with your credit card, or not. This can and will prevent a lot of unpleasant surprises!

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