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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bread Art II

I know, I know; muffins are not really a type of bread, but there are just not enough creative uses for muffins around to do a few posts on.

However, with Halloween coming up, I thought I would slip it in with bread art, because these tips might just be the ticket to compliment and/or turn any party you may have lined up into a 'horrific' success.

Baking the muffins is no big deal, but once they are done, that is when the trick changes them into a delightful treat.

To achieve an open mouth, you can put a layer of peanut butter or preservers on the bottom and jellybeans or colored icing can function as teeth and make the eyes, nose, or any creepy detail you have your mind set on.

You can even make regular muffins, with or without the icing and instead of the pretty flowers and cute sprinkles as you see on the ones in the picture, you can by ready made scary Halloween sugar figurines which you can stick on top.

You can even decorate with edible paper and all kinds of other candy and it doesn't necessarily have to be for just Halloween!

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