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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Baby Hat Art II

I would like to give you some history about baby hats, but that can go either way; there is none and there is all.

Let me put it this way; ever since the existence of mankind, some sort of head covering has been worn and that includes infants, toddlers, etc.

In the first place wearing some type of hat was to keep the head warm of course, but there were other reasons as well, like protecting it from falling rocks, insects, etc.

Hats have been worn all through the ages and were sometimes worn as a status symbol, for religious reasons, or because fashion called for it. This included babies too and it has only been a few decades ago when hats lost a huge place in society.

This does not pertain to our little ones though; we still like to ensure they are cozy and warm and I suspect there is not one baby wardrobe which doesn't include one or more hats.

I think they are absolutely adorable. Yes, the hats are too! :-)

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