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Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bamboo Art II

Bamboo has been used for ages for all kinds of things and since it holds up so well, bamboo has become a Chinese symbol of longevity, but it is also a symbol of friendship in India.

Since many thousands of years, this material has already been used for food, medicine, weapons, furniture, and other structures.

Entire bridges were built from it which lasted for hundreds of years and still can be found in mostly the Asian part of the world.

Due to its decorative appearance and sturdiness, we can find lots of those structures in home and garden suppliers to decorate our yard with and give it a more, natural feel and atmosphere.

Bamboo is hollow inside and that is a perfect foundation for many musical instruments. Flutes are some of them, but wind chimes are another and those are easily made.

Next time you look at bamboo, imagine what all you can do or make out of it; you will be surprised by all the options and possibilities!

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