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Monday, June 22, 2009

Tea Wrapper Art II

Like I mentioned in my previous post about Tea Wrapper Art, this art/craft never gets boring. Even if you would fold the same figure over and over again, using different colors and patterns of paper will constantly end up in a totally different looking creation.

Only part of the wrapper is used and you get to decide which part. Make sure though that it is a perfect square and all the squares are showing the same pattern.

The larger the square, the larger the figure will be. My experience is that 2"x 2" works best.

To get you started, here is a simple example of how to fold a flower. All you need is 4 squares. Turn the square with the good side down. Then fold creases as shown in the first image.

Fold a triangle (fig 2) and fold both outer corners up, using the middle crease as a guide to line them up perfectly. After you have done this, you end up with a smaller square as in fig. 3.

Take the top of the corners you just folded in and fold them back, lining them up with the outer rim of the square. After you have done both, you end up with fig. 4. Fold the rest of the papers the same way and glue them together on to your card or other background. They make a perfect flower.

You get a different look, by turning over the same figures and gluing them on the paper. Have fun! :-)

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