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Arts and Crafts

Friday, December 13, 2013

Ian Berry's Work

The works of Ian Berry, aka Denimu, are extremely detailed and take quite a while to create. It can take up to several hours finding the right piece of denim. At times, Ian uses stencils and bleach to get the look he is after.

The denim comes mostly from charity shops, family, friends, but he also found a warehouse in Sweden that supplies him with the needed jeans material. He mainly chooses between the wide array of blue the denim comes in, but occasionally he puts the colored denim to good use as well.

Sitting on the floor, surrounded by denim hanging and laying around, Ian Berry has already created 80 pictures. His fame is growing all over the world and he had two shows in Sweden, one in London, Portugal, Denmark, and his art is exhibited in galleries across the US.

He has been featured in art and fashion magazines, newspapers, and appeared on several TV shows in Europe. He was named as one of the "30 under 30" influential artists in the world by Art Business News, received commission from designer Giorgio Armani, and made a mural for the hometown of deceased actor James Dean.

His artworks are progressively growing larger and more and more detailed. Denimu is not in a hurry to complete a piece; he rather takes his time doing a good job then 'making a quick buck' as he stated.

He sure is doing an excellent job and looking at his work, I would say it is priceless!

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