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Friday, January 03, 2014

Pipe Cleaners To The Test

Even though I look into and write about all kinds and types of crafts and hobbies, that doesn't necessarily mean that I practice or have tried them. There are some which appeal to my creativity and imagination and I either keep them in mind for a later date, or put them to the test.

I did with the pipe cleaners this time and had them thoroughly tested by my grandchildren. There were several bags of these particular craft materials in my 'treasure' box which I didn't know what to do with. I gave the kids an example and let them have at it.

It was a great success. Both boys connected them to create a house and my 4-year old granddaughter made swirls which fit perfectly in one of the pots of her play kitchen.

I would show you pictures of them were it not for the fact that they took their works of art home with them. Maybe I will next time, since there definitely will be one. They had tons of fun and the pipe cleaners held up extremely well being used over and over again.

Of course Oma had to put her imagination to good use and got a request to create a bracelet and watches. The butterfly was transformed from what initially was intended to be a flower.

Looking at all the different colors, it sort of reminded me of play dough. The huge advantage of the pipe cleaners was that you won't find dots of them trampled into your carpet!

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