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Arts and Crafts

Friday, December 20, 2013

Pipe Cleaner Holiday Crafts

We used to hang candy canes in our tree, but they hardly ever got consumed. Being frugal as I am, I would pack them up with all the other Christmas decorations and reuse them the next year.

Even though they were no longer edible they could still serve as decorations, providing they survived that is. Many didn't; they either became unwrapped due to the summer heat in our storage building or broke while unpacking and they found their way to the garbage can.

I did enjoy seeing them dangling in the Christmas tree though and I was excited coming across these indestructible ones made out of pipe cleaners.

What a great idea! I have several bags of pipe cleaners in my arts and crafts treasure-trove and never knew what to do with them until now. These decorations are easy and crafted in no time.

It also sparked some ideas of creating a Holiday scene with them. A quick search online learned that I was not the only one.

Someone beat me to it, but it gave me a good impression of what it could and would look like.

I wished I had known that when our grandchildren were here. They would have loved helping out with the creation of these Christmas decorations!

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