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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo aka Corneille part 2

The COBRA group broke up in 1951 and Corneille moved to Paris, where he started collecting African art. He began to incorporate the primitive artifacts in his work which took on a more lyrically Cubist style, as opposed to the naturalistic style he had before.

Halfway the 1950's he traveled through Western Europe, where he had many exhibitions and he visited the US for the first time in 1958 where he had won First Honorable Mention at the Carnegie Institute two years prior, due to his spirited and imaginative works.

Soon after that he received many prizes and awards and museums in South America, Africa and Australia started collecting his creations.

Although he lives and works in Paris, France, he visits Israel often, because of his work with the Jaffa Atelier there, and in September 2003 he has an exhibition of prints and drawings in the Ramat-Gan Museum of Art in Israel.

His work can also be found and purchased on several other items like cups, calendars, etc. and besides the Netherlands, Corneille’s paintings are among the collections of several American museums like the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Corneille passed away on 5 September 2010 in Auvers-sur-Oise, France and at his request, was buried next to Vincent van Gogh.

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