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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Destruction and Demolition Art

It is incredible seeing how our dog has mastered the art of demolition and destruction. No one had to teach her any of it; she has done that ever since she was a puppy and only grew better and faster at it, over the years.

Rubber door mats were chewed to pieces and we had to resort to cast iron ones. Blankets I would put in her doghouse were torn to shreds within a day and I gave up on giving her any. Dog ropes are wasted on her; within a few days they are hanging by a thread. Even the Indestructible Dog Toy bought at a leading store was proven to be destructible within one day.

We already anticipate, when buying her a new toy, it will not live to see another day. We sure would like for her to have something to play with and need to find a real, good Indestructible Dog Toy that will stand up to those crushing, sharp teeth. So far, the only toys that have survived are those she can't wrap her jaws around, but she will not play with those either.

No one told her to eat a rock, yet she does. She will find pebbles in the yard, lie down and chew on them. I suppose she is working out, staying in shape for the next unfortunate item to be torn to shreds. I may have found the solution when coming across this Indestructible Dog Toy. Since I would also be supporting a good cause, I am willing to consider purchasing it.

When I do, I will share and let you know if it stood up to our dog. If it does, it is indestructible!

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