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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Art Of Blogging

For those of us who have been going out of their gourd blogging, trying to establish a good page rank rating, it is always a disillusion when finding out the page rank of their site dropped, instead of going up.

I recently was painfully made aware of this fact; this arts, crafts, and hobby site used to have a PR3, but suddenly classified as a PR2. It sure makes me wonder if Google changed their specifications concerning the ratings of a site again.

It could well be that my site ranked higher if I had taken advantage of hostmonster hosting. It is a little late for finding out at present, but is sure couldn't hurt looking in to it, in case I like to switch hosts.

The reason why I say that is because I can't help getting out from under the impression that certain free blog hosts are automatically rated lower then sites which are being set up with their own domain name on different web hosts.

Another possibility is that I lost some links of, who used to be, dedicated followers of my blog. Should that be the culprit then I certainly would like to know why, so I could make changes and get them back.

Either way, I still am a firm believer when it comes to hard work; eventually it will pay off! :-)

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