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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Rice Art III

Rice is one of the primary food sources for a large part of the globe and it has been around for ages. It has already been cultivated in the Eastern parts of the world several thousands of years BC.

The introduction of rice to Europe occurred in the 10th century, but it would take until 1694 before it made its entrance in the United States.

Since rice is extremely small, you can imagine how delicate and intricate it is to put art on a single grain, but that doesn't seem to scare some people.

It presents a great challenge painting such a detailed image on it and I suspect you will need either 20/20 vision or a magnifying device, to see what you are doing and to get the paint it all the right places.

If you think that would be a chore, how about carving a figurine out of a grain or rice? This little sculpture, which is sitting on a pin, is incredibly well carved and very detailed.

It must take all the concentration you can muster up doing a project like this; you could probably hear a pin drop!

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