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Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Crafts With Tissue Paper

While I was learning more about tissue paper arts and crafts, our grandson learned to apply the knowledge.

It was pure coincidence when he came home last week with this colorful butterfly, which he had crafted at school, tucked away in his backpack.

It had to be put on display of course and it found a prominent place on our fridge with the help of a magnet.

The most common projects with tissue paper are the flowers of course. Even though it may look extremely difficult and intricate, there is really nothing to creating a wonderful bouquet. Even the children can do it.

The first thing to do is cutting 4 layers of tissue paper in either squares or circles of the same size.

Keep in mind that the larger the squares or circles, the bigger the flower will be.

You can give the four edges a decorative look by cutting them with craft scissors. Put the layers on top of each other and fold them accordion style.

Once you have done that, determine the middle of it and wrap a piece of wire tightly around it. Ensure the ends of the wire are twisted together well, so the paper will not escape its grip.

Peel each layer apart, starting with the top layer, and gently pull them towards the middle. That's it. Try it and watch the flower unfold before your eyes!

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